Traliccio Wallpaper
Traliccio Wallpaper
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Traliccio Wallpaper

Traliccio Wallpaper

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This year will be the year of the tile. No longer the reserve of the en-suite, tiles are the ultimate decor statement. Not brave enough to go bold with colour? With our luxe range of removable tile stickers you can enjoy the trends without the permanence of real tiles and makeover your home with confidence. 

The background is a pastel chalk blue with nuances of wear, the pattern is highlighted with terracotta, black, beige & white.

Removable, Repositionable, Renter Friendly
Our wallpaper peels easily, sticks smoothly and removes cleanly.

Easy to cut
Just under 1mm thick our stickers can be trimmed to size with scissors or a blade.

Water resistant & a breeze to clean
The silky, smooth vinyl is coated with a UV film to protect against splashes, steam and harsh sun making them ideal in your kitchen or bathroom. Wipe away cooking spills effortlessly.

No VOCs. Safe for use in home, office and school.

Perfect to use on these surfaces

  • Smooth painted dry walls (satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish only)
  • melamine cabinets & laminated shelves
  • glass splash backs & mirrors
  • metal surfaces such as aluminium and stainless steel
  • varnished wood

Unsuitable to use on these surfaces

  • unsuitable on matte paint drywall - 
  • unsuitable on textured or rough surfaces
  • unsuitable to cover damp walls or cracked paint.
  • Unsuitable on raw wood

Thin yet Tough

  • High import quality phthalate free PVC vinyl from Italy.
  • Thinner than 1mm or 0.04" –
  • No grout or caulk required.
  • Smooth, soft & durable. 
  • TIP: Leave them in a warm place for 10 minutes to soften prior to installing.


  • Low-tack adhesive backing ensures the wallpaper can be removed easily with no sticky residue.
  • Not re-useable. Renter Friendly.
  • Hard to remove? Warm the surface for a few seconds with a hairdryer to soften the glue.

Water Resistant

  • Perfect as a kitchen or bathroom splash back. Ideal on shower walls or a bath tub surround.
  • Resists hot steam from stoves & showers.

Easy to Clean / Easy to Install

  • Wipe away stains easily with a general-purpose kitchen or bathroom cleaner.
  • Please do not scrub or use harsh, abrasive chemicals.
  • No special tools required. No tradesman required.
  • Easy, DIY ( do it yourself ) installation.
  • Trim with a cutter, razor or sharp scissors.

Heat Resistant / Fade resistant

  • The UV laminate coating not only protects from scratches & steam but also fading
  • Suitable behind gas, electric & induction cook tops. Please allow 10cm ( 4” ) from the heat source.
  • Suitable to decorate the facade of a fireplace.

    Do Not...

    • Don't mix wallpaper panels or risers with tile stickers, they do not align.
    • Don’t install on floors or counter tops, please use our tougher floor panels.
    • Don't install on surfaces that get hot to the touch, they'll peel off or melt.
    • Don't install on surfaces subject to snow or freezing temperatures, they'll shrink.
    • Don't scrub the surface or use harsh or abrasive chemicals when cleaning.
    • Don't apply over existing grout, the relief will show through.
    • Do not apply over porous or cracked surfaces.



    Wallpapers and Splashbacks

    • Sold Individually – When you order 2 or more panels these join up to create a seamless pattern.
    • Each wallpaper is printed with 6” square tile quarters and tile lines.
    • The sample features 16 tile squares, the panel features 32 tile squares.
    Type Size 1 panel covers
    (sq. ft.)
    1 panel covers
    Sample 24" x 24"
    (60 x 60cm)
    4 sq. ft. 0.36m²
    24" x 48"
    (60 x 120cm)
    8 sq. ft.


    How to use our Wallpaper Panels


    You will need:

    • A spirit level
    • A string line
    • A pencil
    • A utility knife or packet of razor blades
    • A wallpaper hanging brush or soft cloth
    • A friend to help 

    Preparation is key to getting a perfect result. Create a plump line to use as your guide in placing the first panel.

    Fig.2 Peel the panel from the backing by bending the corner back. Position the top of the panel to the ceiling.
    Fig.3 Line up the edge of the panel with your plumb line.
    Fig.4 Smooth your panel against the wall, pressing out any air bubbles to either side.

    Align the next panel beside the first, carefully matching the pattern edge and ensuring it’s straight. Seams should not overlap, rather butt up against each other.
    Fig. 5 Trim away any excess using a very sharp utility knife or blade.

    Use this method around windows, door and moldings.

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