The Quadrostyle Studio

About Gabrielle

Hi there, I’m Gabrielle, a fashion designer, interior decorator, mother, and founder of Quadrostyle! Having worked in design for over 20 years, I’ve made it my mission to help people refresh and restyle their homes.

From Fashion…

Before I started sketching up tile patterns, I was sketching up fashion ideas as founder and designer of a shoe and accessory brand in my hometown of Sydney. That endeavor took me to Bali, where I eventually took a break, fell in love, and started a new business—this time, a children’s clothing brand. After several rewarding years, I decided to shake things up once more and moved across the world to France, where I worked as a freelance designer for private labels. 

In my decades-long career as a fashion designer, I spent a good amount of time traveling, sourcing materials and overseeing production. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was also sourcing inspiration for an endeavor that was yet to come.

…To Interior Design

This twist of fate occurred upon my arrival in the South of France when I fell head-over-heels for a 200-year-old townhouse with high ceilings, marble fireplaces, and gorgeous patchwork tiles. Unfortunately, the kitchen tile was horrendous, so I promptly got to work designing an adhesive tile decal that was more to my taste.

It was that passion project that led to the first ever Quadrostyle stickers and a whole new career direction for me! 

About Quadrostyle

Quadrostyle was born in 2015 and has grown tremendously due to the delightful collaboration and contributions of my graphics team. All of us together have put our hearts into helping customers around the world add new flair and style to their homes with our tile stickers.

Globally-Inspired Designs

With an Australian founder, studio in Bali, and HQ in France, you could say that being cosmopolitan defines us. You can see many influences in our diverse, sophisticated designs that are full of personality. 

From the Mediterranean to South America, our catalog includes cultural motifs from all corners of the globe. Many are even inspired by tiles and textures I’ve encountered first-hand in my travels. 

Domestically-Focused Products

Though our outlook may be broad, our focus is always on home…and making your home homier. Our collection is wide-ranging, so that you—the customer—can find the exact design that reflects who you are.

We delight in providing you hundreds of products to choose from—some bold and eclectic, others minimal and subdued. We’re confident the perfect stickers are waiting for you on our website!