Product specs

For Tile and Floor Stickers

Thin yet Tough

  • High import quality phthalate free PVC vinyl from Italy.

  • Thinner than 1mm or 0.04" - These stickers pass beneath all doors.

  • No grout or caulk required.

  • They do not have thermal properties.

  • Smooth, soft & durable. 

  • TIP: Leave them in a warm place for 10 minutes to soften prior to installing.


  • Low-tack adhesive backing.

  • Repositionable. Not re-useable.

  • Does not damage the original surface, peel off to remove with no residue.

  • Hard to remove? Warm them a few seconds with a hairdryer to soften the glue.

Water Resistant

  • Perfect as a kitchen or bathroom splash back. Ideal on shower walls.

  • Ideal in wet areas such as a bathroom floor.

  • Resists hot steam from stoves & showers.

  • Do not install on shower floors.

Easy to Clean

  • Use a general purpose kitchen or bathroom cleaner.

  • Do not scrub or use harsh, abrasive chemicals. 

  • Use a damp mop.

  • Do not leave floors to sit in water.

Fade Resistant - Heat Resistant

  • Won't fade in sunlight.

  • Tolerates heat from stove top cooking. Suitable behind gas, electric & induction cook tops.

  • Suitable to decorate the facade of a fireplace.

  • Too hot for you to touch? Too hot to apply vinyl stickers.

Easy to Trim

  • No special tools required. No tradesman required.

  • Easy, DIY ( do it yourself ) installation.

  • Trim your tile stickers, wallpaper or floor panels with a cutter, razor or sharp scissors.

Do Not...

  • Don't install where water collects eg: shower floor, pool or pond.

  • Don't try to slide furniture, appliances or other objects with sharp feet over the surface. 
  • Don't install on a hot surface.

  • Don't install over heater floors

  • Don't install where snow or ice can melt.

  • Don't scrub the surface or use harsh or abrasive chemicals when cleaning.

  • Don't apply over existing grout.

  • Do not apply over porous or cracked surfaces.