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Checkerboard Tile Floors 5 Ways

Checkerboard Tile Floors 5 Ways

Checkerboard is the latest trend to take over the world of interior design, but what sets this trend apart from others is its staying power. This classic look is versatile and timeless, with as much power to enhance other patterns as it has to be the star of the show.

Though “retro” may be one of the first words that checkerboard tiles inspire, this look is so much more than a mid-century flashback. Two-toned tiles have been trending for quite literally millennia. Before they became a 1950s diner staple, they made starring appearances in Victorian halls, French chateaux, medieval mason lodges, and even ancient Egyptian temples.


PC: Studio Van M / Fireclay Tile

Any pattern that can stand such a test of time is certainly welcome in our homes! We’ve made it easy to do so with pre-assembled checkerboard stickers, available in tile stickers and floor stickers.

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Whether you’re adding to existing decor or redefining your style, checkerboard tiles always have a place. Here are a few ideas for how you can update your style with this trendy, yet timeless look using nothing but stickers!

Retro Red Checkerboard Tile Floors

For the most retro take on the checkerboard floor, go for terracotta red and white tiles in the kitchen and/or dining area. Coincidentally, this is also one of the most modern ways to use checkerboard floors, especially when combined with other accents in different scales of checkerboard.


PC: Style by Emily Henderson / Atelier Kaz

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Bathroom Color Blocking with Black & White Tiles

This riff on classic 1940s-style tiled bathrooms features a simple, eye-catching update. 

Many Americans living in early 20th-century homes are familiar with wall-to-wall single-colored tile bathrooms that feel like the bottom of a swimming pool. If retiling isn’t in the cards, you can easily update the look using checkerboard tile stickers. Classic black and white works with any color solid tile, but we particularly love it paired with green.


PC: The Iambic / Rilane

Want to change your wall tile too? Take the sticker project even further and use solid color tile stickers to complete the look.

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Striking Sicker Stair Runner

If you’re a fan of black and white checkerboard floors, but want a less traditional look, turn to your stairs. Stairs are often overlooked, but full of potential. When you consider the multi-dimensional aspect of this space, you can see how even the tiniest touch of style can have a big impact.

PC: Style by Emily Henderson

You can recreate this checkerboard carpet runner using nothing but stickers. Choose checkerboard floor sticker panels in your favorite color combo and line them up vertically for a striking effect. 

Check out this blog article for more details on installing sticker stair runners and other fun stair ideas.

Chateau Chic Checkerboard Floors

Tap into one of the classiest renditions of checkerboard floors with black and white marble tile stickers. These stickers will give your space an undeniably refined feel. Though this looks works in many rooms, we highly recommend it for communal spaces, like living rooms, dining rooms, and even corridors for the upscale feel of a French salon.

Browse the Pavement & Quarry collection for more marble tile looks.


PC: Coco Cozy / Architectural Digest

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Light Blue Checkerboard Laundry Room

Thanks to the uplifting, clean, and serene feeling of light blue, it makes a great match for laundry spaces. Whether it’s a nook or a room, light blue and off-white make a fresh and clean pair that will encourage you as you accomplish your household chores.


PC: Houzz / My Domaine

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Can’t get enough of the checkerboard look?

Browse all of our checkerboard color combos!

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