How to Match Your Backsplash with Granite Countertops

How to Match Your Backsplash with Granite Countertops

If you live in the United States, there’s a pretty good chance your kitchen countertops are made of granite. This lustrous and unique material is overwhelmingly the most popular countertop material in the country and has been for the last 30 years.

Even now, roughly two-thirds of new homes include granite countertops. Considering its durability, easy maintenance, and luxurious aspect, the choice seems like an easy one. Unfortunately, choosing the perfect backsplash to go with your granite countertops isn’t always as simple. 

Granite comes in a broad spectrum of styles and colors, so there is no one-size-fits-all rule for choosing a backsplash to match. Thankfully, Quadrostyle has a similarly wide selection of backsplashes! In this article, we’ll share some of our favorite stickers for pairing with different shades of granite countertops, to help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

Gold Granite

Image: Pinterest

Gold granites come in earthy, neutral tones like beige and sand and are arguably the most versatile when it comes to matching a backsplash.

Common varieties of gold granite:

The neutral aspect of gold granite makes it a good foundation for a wide variety of looks, from black and white to color.

Our picks:

1) For a bold look that stays in the realm of neutral, we like Barolo. Its black background and cream white motif mirror black and cream accents in the granite.

2) Play off the colors in your gold granite using the Monty backsplash, which features black, white, and gray alongside bold ochre.

3) Last but not least, really bring your kitchen to life by pairing your gold granite countertops with Mazarine for a look that screams Southern Spain. 

White Granite

Image: Quadrostyle Carousel Wallpaper

White granite is icy white to light gray and features flecks of black, dark gray, or brown.

Common varieties of white granite:

Pairing white countertops with a white backsplash is one of the most popular kitchen trends, so we recommend choosing a backsplash that is predominantly white. 

Our picks:

1) Play with black and white monochrome with the fine-lined Antioche sticker.

2) For a softer look, incorporate neutral tones as well, as featured in Atlas.

3) Color curious? Can’t go wrong with green, 2022’s trendiest tone. The subtle sage hue of Kasbah makes incorporating color into your kitchen a little less intimidating.

    Black Granite

    Image: @sipnsisters

    Thanks to its dramatic allure, this is the most ubiquitous type of granite for kitchen counters.

    Common varieties of black granite:

    Black granite offers a natural contrast to the other features of the kitchen, notably kitchen cabinets. Choosing a backsplash to go with black granite countertops is all about embracing that contrast. 

    Our picks:

    1) Play up the luxuriousness of the stone with a marble-patterned backsplash like Zahara Marble, creating a stark and stunning effect.

    2) Add complexity to a black-and-white kitchen using the bestselling Agadir Black backsplash.

    3) Are your black granite counters too severe for your liking? Soften your kitchen vibe with an aged patterned backsplash, like Astra Black.

    Gray Granite

    Image: Pinterest

    Another popular shade of granite is gray. Gray granite countertops exist in a spectrum of grays, encompassing both light and dark tones. 

    Common varieties of gray granite:

    Silvery-hued gray granite countertops are a great launching point for cold colors and neutrals.

    Our picks:

    1) Gray granites with more prominent white flecks look great against a timeless white backsplash like Hexa in White.

    2) Dark gray granites are perfect for pairing with steely blues. Agrigento’s inky blue motif stands out against a white background, while adding Victorian flair.

    3) Double down on the silver tones using our Shala backsplash. This sticker features an intriguing Moroccan pattern in cold neutral hues.

    Brown Granite

    Image: @ohsomint, featuring Astra Black backsplash

    Slightly less popular than the aforementioned colors, brown granite adds a warm, rich feeling to your kitchen.

    Common varieties of brown granite:

    Brown granite broadly encompasses earthy, clay reds to seductive chocolates and pairs nicely with warm neutrals.

    Our picks:

    1) The terracotta tone of customer-favorite Shaman makes it a wonderful match for brown granites on the redder side.

    2) The neutral accents of Zig Zag Taupe are a nice match for light brown granites, while the pattern’s charcoal black accents mirror the stone’s black flecks.

    3) Choose the Trefle Black splashback to add a classically Mediterranean flair that works well with brown countertops.

    Get Inspired

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    Loving these looks and want to see more? 

    You’ll find the perfect match for your granite countertops in our full backsplash collection!



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