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In the riads of Morocco these tiles can be seen adorning the floors of shady courtyards and now, thanks to our eagle-eyed trendsetters, they are to be found in designer kitchens and bathrooms all over the world. Available in neutral shades, they combine graphic shapes with an easy colour scheme that works with both modern and traditional styles.

The pattern features an off white cream background with dark charcoal hand-painted lines. pattern.


Superior 500 | Best for floors where high-resistance is required.
Micro Textured & Anti-skid Finish

General 300
 | Great all-purpose wall and floor sticker.
Silky, Smooth Finish

water-resistant repositionable renter friendly
easy to clean easy to install easy to trim
safe behind a stove safe for fireplace surrounds phthalate free PVC
OK on shower walls OK over a backsplash Ideal for balconies

Review the full list of product specifications.

Tile & Floor Stickers

size of pack coverage sq.ft.  coverage 
4" (10cm)
8 pack 
0.89' 0.08
6" (15cm)
8 pack 
2' 0.18
8" (20cm)
3.56' 0.32
12" (30cm) 8 pack 8' 0.72
13" (33cm) 8 pack 9.4' 0.87
24" x 48" (60 x 120cm)
1 panel
8' 0.72


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Easy-breezy to apply

Applying our stickers is straightforward. They feature a self-adhesive backing for a quick and hassle-free installation. You can easily align and reposition the stickers on your walls or floors, ensuring a seamless and professional-looking finish.

Superior quality, anti-skid texture

Our 500 micron stickers are built to last. Their durable, micro-texture lamination ensures that the stickers maintain their beauty and integrity even in high-traffic areas.

Bare-foot bliss

No need to reach for your morning slippers! Soft and silky, these feel delightful under your feet while providing an additional layer of insulation, protecting against chilly cold tiled floors.

Water resistant

Laminated to withstand water exposure, our stickers are perfect for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and showers. Their water-resistant properties ensure that they remain intact and maintain their vibrant appearance, even in humid and steamy spaces.

Stain repellant

Cleaning stickers couldn't be easier. Resistant to stains and dirt, maintaining their beauty is effortless. Simply wipe them clean with a mild, non abraisive household cleaning product, and they will continue to shine with minimal effort.

What makes our tile stickers so special?

Design Excellence

Made from premium PVC, Quadrostyle stickers are built to last. With Quadrostyle, you can trust that your purchase will be a long-term investment for your home.

Easy Application

Low-Tac, Self-adhesive backing allows for quick and hassle-free installation.

Superior Durability

Our stickers maintain their beauty and integrity even in high-traffic areas.
Superior 500 | Best for floors where high-resistance is required. Micro Textured & Anti-skid Finish

General 300 | Great all-purpose wall and floor sticker. Silky, Smooth Finish

Removal & Residue-Free

Designed for easy removal without leaving any sticky residue behind. Update your decor without worrying about damaging the underlying surface.

Easy-care & Washable

Resistant to stains and dirt for effortless maintenance. Simply wipe them clean and they'll continue to shine with minimal effort.

Durability is stronger than I hoped, and aesthetic is even more impactful than I imagined! We're thrilled, and would highly recommend.

Gianni D.

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Mediteranean Escape


Our latest collection of tile stickers promises the warmth of terracotta, the azure hues of coastal waters, and the intricate details of artisanal craftsmanship.

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