Santa Fe Stair Riser Stickers

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Our Santa Fe tile stickers are the epitome of southwest chic, pairing trendy pinks with stagecoach brown for a revisited take on the wild west look. Use these torrid, sunbaked tones to add a summery warmth to your abode.

The background is grey cream and the pattern is blush pink and dark chocolate.

water-resistant repositionable easy to clean
300 micron thick removable  easy to install
safe behind stove safe for fireplace surrounds easy to trim
OK on shower walls OK over a backsplash ideal for balconies


Review the full list of product specifications.

Stair Riser Packs

Designed to cover your stair risers, select the same height as your riser. If you have, for example 8 stair risers and don’t need 2 packs, use the “add one more“ selection to add 2 extra units to your order. You can specify the height of these by leaving a note at the checkout.

  • Individually cut adhesive vinyl strips printed with quarter tile squares and grout lines in between.
  • The strips can be joined seamlessly to create extra-long lengths.
Pack sizes 1 pack contains
5" x 48" (12.70 cm x 120 cm)
6 units
5.5" x 48" (14 cm x 120 cm)
6 units
6" x 48" (15.20 cm x 120 cm)
6 units
6.5" x 48" (16.50 cm x 120 cm)
6 units
7" x 48" (17.70 cm x 120 cm)
6 units
7.5" x 48" (19 cm x 120 cm)
6 units
Add 1 more strip

1 unit
at your choice of height


How to use our Stair Riser Strips

You will need:

  • A general purpose kitchen cleaner & a sponge
  • A pencil
  • A utility knife or pair of scissors
  • A soft cloth

Download and print

Apply to a clean, dry and non-porous surface. Painted surfaces must be a satin or gloss paint as matte paint repels the adhesive.

Mark the center of a strip and your stair riser with a pencil. Peel back half of the backing paper to the center mark, align it to the center of the riser & butt the top edge into to stair tread.

Once the strip is in attached use a cloth to smooth it down & continue until the entire strip is in place.Try not to trap any air bubbles in the vinyl. Press over the edges to ensure a firm adhesion. Butt the vinyl to the staircase edge as best you can. Trim edges with a cutter for perfect fit. 
Tip: Strips can be joined together for longer lengths.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all the risers are in place & the pattern flows uniformly. Leave the new surface to cure 24 hours before returning to normal activity. Do not wash or moisten the strips until 24 hours have past.


Download and print

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Create a showstopping stairway

Delight your eyes with the transformative effect of these simple stair riser strips. 92% of our customers affirm that these stickers are thick, non -tearable and easy to apply.

Non-Toxic, Family friendly

Engineered with safety in mind and phthalate free you can have peace of mind knowing that our stair risers prioritize the well-being of your family while adding a touch of style to your home.

Durable & Resilient

Designed to keep up even in high-traffic areas, they'll maintain their vibrant appearance and grip firmly to your stairs for a long-lasting, easy to care stair makeover.


Thick enough to effectively conceal bumps and irregularities underneath, ensuring a smooth and flawless appearance for your staircase.

Feature name

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Add Depth and Dimensionality

The meticulous attention to detail, intricate textures, and vibrant colors create an authentic tile effect that's almost indistinguishable from the real thing


Renter Stairs Get A Gorgeous Upgrade with Claude Stair Riser Stickers

Renter Stairs Get A Gorgeous Upgrade with Claude Stair Riser Stickers

Alexandra Gater is a young, dynamic interior decorator with a Midas touch for renter and budget-friendly apartment makeovers. At 28, she addresses the specific decorating challenges millennials fac...

TOTALLY LOVE! Love what these stair risers stickers have done for my stairs. I can’t believe I’ve left them plain for so long! It took a bit of work to get them on but so worth it.

Vera Tam

It's been 2 yrs since I purchased these. I still can't help but stop and stare. They really are gorgeous and they held up incredibly well. They go on so easy as they are thick and hold their shape as you line them up.

Creatively Charming

Great Product! Very easy to use and looks great! I've had a number of compliments on the stairs already. I will definitely use this product again in the future.

Laura C.

Quadrostyle offers wonderful solutions for refreshing and styling old ceramics. I ordered risers that give a Wow! effect to a terazzo staircase in my apartment building :)

Annie L.