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Collaborator Spotlight: @myhouseof8

Collaborator Spotlight: @myhouseof8

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“I believe that we can all have homes we can be proud of!  The projects I share are very doable for all skill levels, and make a big impact!”

Kelli is a superhero mom, loving spouse, DIY queen, and home-stylist extraordinaire! She documents the ever-evolving style of her home on Instagram @myhouseof8. There, you can follow all of her decorating projects and swoon over the only things more photogenic than her home—her six gorgeous kids!

Always on the lookout for cute, changeable decorating solutions, Kelli turned to Quadrostyle to help her cover up her bathroom tile floors. Initially, she ordered the wrong size, but she didn’t let those stickers go to waste! Instead, she got creative and used them on her entertainment console—a testament to her craftiness. Now, not only does she have a beauty-boosted bathroom, but she’s also got a console with a unique, personal touch.

If you’re looking for DIY decorating projects that won’t break the bank, @myhouseof8 should be your go-to source for inspiration! Here, she shares a bit about where she finds that inspiration herself.

Q: Hi, Kelli! Could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your role as a decorator?

A: I'm Kelli! I'm a stay at home mom to 6 and DIY project fanatic! I love to create and make spaces beautiful. I have an Interior Decorating and DIY Instagram page (@myhouseof8) where I share life with my family and my current projects. I love empowering others to create as well and give detailed tutorials on all of my projects. I believe that we can all have homes we can be proud of!  The projects I share are very doable for all skill levels, and make a big impact!

Q: How would you describe your home style?

A: I would describe my home style as transitional. I enjoy meshing different elements and design styles. I gravitate towards many different designs, and try to focus on bringing pieces in that speak to me, but don't necessarily speak to one trend.

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?

A: I get my style inspiration from many places. I enjoy browsing Pinterest and other home decor bloggers on Social Media. I also love looking through design magazines

Q: How did you use Quadrostyle stickers in your home & why would you recommend Quadrostyle?

A: I used Quadrostyle stickers on my bathroom floor as well as on a backsplash of the bookshelf on our entertainment center.

I would recommend Quadrostyle stickers because they are easy to work with. They are very durable, and I love that they are easily removed as well. They are a great way to quickly freshen up a space and have very on-trend and classic designs!

[Learn more about using tile stickers & wallpaper on furniture]

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