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All Pink Everything

All Pink Everything

There are ways to incorporate pink into your home subtly, but let’s face it, going all out is just more fun. That must have been what Quadrostyle customer Francesca had in mind with this pink on pink (on pink) bathroom design. Quadrostyle Syracuse floor stickers paired with bubblegum-colored wall tiles and a salmon-pink tub make for a perfectly pink powder room.

Source: @franch3sc4paulino

Syracuse floor tiles not only tie together the color scheme of this bathroom, they also introduce an eclectic pattern and complementary hues of mustard and black. The stickers feature a gentle aged effect that not only gives an uncanny impression of real hand-painted tiles, but also makes covering mosaic tile floors like these more forgiving.

Source: Claybrook

Learn 15 Ways to Decorate with Pink 

Covering mosaic tile floors with vinyl stickers can be tricky. Almost always, the relief of the mismatched tiles underneath will be visible through the vinyl. Your best bet is to follow Francesca’s example and choose a floor panel with a bold pattern, such as this, that will effectively disguise the relief.

How to Cover Mosaic Tile Floors with Quadrostyle Floor Panels

Get the Look

Syracuse is one of our all-time best selling designs. It’s a funky and energetic pattern that adds a heavy dose of personality to any space and makes the addition to a bohemian atmosphere. Get the look using Syracuse floor stickers. This pattern is also available as stair risers, wallpaper, splashbacks, and tile stickers.

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