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Shaman Splashbacks: A Tiny Home Favorite

Shaman Splashbacks: A Tiny Home Favorite

Tile stickers are perfect for tiny homes, especially ones that are on wheels. They are lightweight, easy to install, and effortlessly turn unconventional spaces cozy, making them perfect for converted buses, RVs, caravans, and trailers.

While we anticipated our stickers’ popularity among mobile home dwellers, we definitely did not foresee just how popular one style, in particular, would become…but after seeing so many customer pictures, we get it.


Source: @mysmallhouse / @_thesunnyproject_

Since the release of the Desert Loom collection in Spring 2020, our Shaman splashback stickers have been a hit among all customers, but most notably among those in mobile homes. Just take a look at all the cute and creative ways our nomadic customers have worked with Shaman!

Source: @moneymindfulmama / @the_sandy_van

You’ll notice that Shaman works particularly well with natural accents like wood (or lightweight copycats made of melamine or particleboard), which is quite convenient, considering caravans like these saw their heyday in the 70s and 80s when wood interiors were particularly en vogue. 


Source: @vintage_van_adventures / @peggythewesty

Shaman also makes a great pic for small spaces like these because of its subdued sandy color. A bolder color or pattern might suffocate such a small space, while Shaman’s neutral aspects add intrigue and a trendy touch without overwhelming.

Get the Look

To incorporate Shaman into your tiny home, shop our splashbacks and tile stickers, which are good for covering small walls and tight spaces. With milky tones of cream and cappuccino and an intriguing geometric motif, Shaman sets the perfect scene for many a dust-kicking adventure wherever you might find yourself heading next.



Our Shaman stickers aren't only for your caravans. There are plenty of ways to use this trendy design in your home. Explore all of Shaman's formats, including wallpaper, stair risers, and tile stickers!

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