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15 Ways to Decorate with Pink in Every Room of Your Home

15 Ways to Decorate with Pink in Every Room of Your Home

Pink has been the color for several years now, popping up virtually everywhere. You’ve seen those cleanly decorated interiors painted in large swaths of blush and the mid-century modern homes with wall art featuring coral and salmon blobs (you know the ones). You’ve seen what these shades can do for a home. There’s no denying pink’s decorative appeal. It’s incredibly versatile, universally uplifting, and endlessly inspiring.

Source: Jan Skacelik

Pink is everywhere—in homes, boutiques, and products. From the looks of it, it’s not going away any time soon. So, you might as well learn to work with it!

If you haven’t already embraced this cool, carefree color, it might be because admittedly, it can be an intimidating color for your home. Many people have the preconception that pink is somewhat juvenile, or that it’s exclusively feminine. But if we’ve learned anything from this ubiquitous trend, it’s that these notions are just not true.

The great thing about pink and the reason it has so much staying power is that you can make it into anything you want it to be. Build a feminine foyer with a monochrome palette or offset the color with masculine accents to create a neutral, yet invigorating space. Pink breathes life wherever you put it, which is why you see it popping up in every style of home.

Bohemian, urban modern, art deco, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, farmhouse...we could go on forever. No matter the setting, pink is guaranteed to elevate your style, regardless of whether you use it in small or large doses.

Ready to take the plunge and join the pink parade? In this article, we’ll go from room to room, exploring some of the many ways you can work pink into your home interior.

Living Room

Your living room is usually the first room your guests—and you for that matter—see. Make it a cheerful and welcoming space by incorporating pink into your living room décor.

One trendy way to get pink in the mix is with a statement sofa. In addition to being a simple way to introduce color into your design scheme, it’s also a self-sufficient one. Because your sofa plays such a leading role in this space, you hardly need any more pink accents to nail the trend.


Source: Scandinavia Standard

If this sofa looks familiar, that’s because it’s an IKEA classic. Use this design hack from Scandinavia Standard and upgrade your budget sofa with a custom slipcover in your favorite rosy hue. Or, for a more girly feel, choose a sofa in pink velour. 

Source: I Am Style-ish

If a pink couch feels a bit too bold for your taste, try working in smaller doses using accent pillows, or better yet, floor cushions. We love these hand-dyed and woven Moroccan floor cushions in a variety of motifs and shades of pink! They add a dreamy texture and a gloriously bohemian touch.

Source: Honestly WTF

Another fun way to pink-ify your living room is by making over your fireplace tiles. Your fireplace will look sizzling hot dressed up in pink tile stickers! All you have to do is apply Quadrostyle stickers to your existing tiles to achieve a total transformation.

Source: Quadrostyle on Etsy

For faux fireplaces like the one pictured here, you can sticker the interior of your firebox, as well as the hearth. Get the look with our starry night tile sticker in rose.


For serviceable fireplaces, only cover the surround and surfaces that do not get hot. High temperatures will melt the adhesive, warp the vinyl, and cause stickers to peel off.


Source: Quadrostyle on Etsy


Dining Room

A great way to incorporate rosy tones into your dining room is through small splashes of color. Eye-popping pink textiles not only do that, but they also introduce interesting textures, amplifying the dynamic feel of the room.

Introduce pigment and texture with pink table linens or napkins. At just over $2 apiece, these rustic gauze napkins from the DecoVita Etsy shop are both cute and affordable. Add a matching table runner for an enhanced effect.


Source: DecoVita

Another viable textile to turn pink is your dining room chair upholstery. Purchase new, pink-upholstered chairs, or simply reupholstery your current chairs in your favorite pink hue. If you don’t have upholstered chairs in your dining room (parents of toddlers, we see you), pink-plastic or painted wood chairs work too! 


Source: The Frugality / Article

To add an even bigger splash of pink to your dining room, establish a statement wall. This works in any room of the house, but is especially effective in the dining room, where there tends to be less furniture and fewer accents to work with.


Source: My Domaine

Choose a subtle shade to add personality to your dining room without drowning it in color. Then, offset it with bold, angular accents, like these black farmhouse chairs and modern artwork, to neutralize your space. A balance like this is especially interesting for households with men who might be turned off by the idea of pink.

For a patterned statement wall, select one of Quadrostyle’s many tile-inspired pink wallpapers, such as Mojave and Willow.



We spend so much time in the kitchen, nourishing ourselves and our families and building lifelong memories around food. These memories are sensory—based on smells, tastes, and sounds. By creating a vibrant, pink-tinged cooking space, you can add yet another visceral dimension!

Our favorite kitchen color hack is to upgrade your dull splashback with stickers. Quadrostyle splashbacks are made of super durable vinyl that can stand up to water, grease, and food. Plus, they are entirely renter-friendly!


Source: Claybrook

Stick them on to your existing splashback to wrap your kitchen workspace in rose, then peel them off when it’s time to move out. The low-tack adhesive leaves no gummy residue. Choose a solid pink tile sticker in old rose or blush pink to mimic the tiles pictured above.


For even more pink surface area, consider installing pink cabinetry or painting your current cabinets in a candy-colored shade like this.

Source: Domino

Finally, earn major style points with retro appliances in bubblegum pink. A statement fridge will speak volumes without you having to integrate much more color. However, if you do feel like adding more color, you can easily do so by adding matching countertop appliances. Smeg offers an entire collection of 50’s style kitchen gadgets, including a fridge, toaster, kettle, blender, juicer, and more—all in the same lacquered pink!

Source: Big Chill


The bathroom is full of fun surfaces to primp in pink, including floors, walls, splashbacks, and even showers! Naturally, all of our preferred ways to decorate with pink in the bathroom are centered around tiles—specifically black and white ones.

Black and white go great with pink, especially softer shades. While the black and white combo provides a severe contrast and a striking effect, pink comes in to mellow it all out.

Follow the lead of Alexandra Gater, trendsetter and decorator extraordinaire, and counterbalance a pale peach wall with Quadrostyle Starry Night floor panels in black.


Source: @alexandragater


Pair blush and charcoal to add a cozy touch to a minimalist home. Get the look with Sherwin Williams Rose Colored paint and our Hexa floor panels in black.


Source: Décor Pad

Looking for a bolder bathroom look? Go all out by mixing and matching pink details and working with multiple textures and even patterns. That’s what one of our customers, @franch3sc4paulino did when making over her bathroom. We love the way the pink tile walls, pink bathtub, and pink Syracuse floor stickers come together!

Source: @franch3sc4paulino


Syracuse also works well as a way to introduce just a touch of pink in a more neutral bathroom. Use these tile stickers as a splashback to reinvigorate your space.



Make sure that your bedroom is the cutest and coziest room in the house by draping your bedroom in pink textiles! Accent pillows, throws, and rugs make a bare bedroom stand out. Vary shades of pink to created layers of color in addition to layers of texture.


Source: Studio DIY

Another option is to cultivate a beachy bohemian style with a white background, natural fiber accents and statement linens like the rosy terracotta duvet and pillows cases below.

Source: Magic Linen

For a more unconventional take, you might also consider painting your ceilings. A quirky paint job like this immediately elevates the cool factor in your room and will reflect light in a way that fills your space with a soft, warm glow.


Source: Sugar and Cloth

Discover all of Quadrostyle’s Pink Stickers

Decorating with tile stickers, wallpapers, floor panels, and stair riser stickers is an easy, renter-friendly, and budget-friendly style solution for every room of your home. Browse by color to see the full range of pink products!

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