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Piazza Gives This Porcelain Wasteland an Eye-Popping Upgrade

Piazza Gives This Porcelain Wasteland an Eye-Popping Upgrade

Piazza is one of our most recent (and most requested) designs, so it’s about time it gets some attention! This real home gallery entry comes from customer Courtney Mitchell, who installed Quadrostyle Piazza tile stickers to add a healthy dose of razzle-dazzle to a seriously lacking bathroom.

When Courtney found herself the heritor of a less than stellar loo, featuring washed-out white as far as the eye can see, she knew just what to do. Turning to Quadrostyle, she selected a refreshingly eye-popping pattern that would break up this porcelain wasteland.

Before & After:


In fact, eye-popping couldn’t be a better word. Piazza’s dazzling black and white geometric central motif is hypnotizing and alluring. Now, rather than getting lost in wall-to-wall white, all who enter this bathroom will be energized and refreshed, which, after all, is kinda what bathrooms are for.

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Piazza floor stickers are inspired by artisan hand-painted Tabarka tiles and even feature a worn and washed effect on the colored portion of the tile.


Courtney’s bathroom features Piazza tile stickers in charcoal black. However, this design also comes in coral pink and olive green

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