A Converted School Bus Shines in Stellino

A Converted School Bus Shines in Stellino

School bus renovations are huge these days. Just search the hashtag #skoolie and see for yourself. Though transforming these passenger vehicles into rolling homes is certainly fun, it also comes with challenges. For example, making sure that the furnishings and appliances in the school bus don’t weigh it down too much. As a result, lightweight vinyl tile stickers are a natural choice for decorating skoolie interiors. Plus, just a little bit of pattern goes a long way to make the small interior shine.


A perfect example is the Stone family of @chasingthecoastline, who recently converted a 2011 48-passenger school bus into a dream home on wheels called Green Bean. Green Bean is surprisingly spacious, full of hidden nooks and crannies, and outfitted with plenty of features to keep two little girls entertained, including a climbing wall and a pull-out craft table!

Serving as a bright backdrop to all the bustle are none other than our Stellino stickers! The striking cerulean design appears on the walls of the main space of the interior, as well as on the stair risers of the bus’s entry. 


Get the Look

Stellino is one of our best-selling stickers due to its dazzling and starry design and it’s amazing versatility. It takes on different feels in different settings. It is folksy in a country home, dazzling in art deco, and playful in a home full of lively, joyful children. You can emulate this playful look in your home (wheeled or stationary alike) using Stellino vinyl wallpaper.

Stellino is also available as tile stickers, floor stickers, and stair risers. Like the design, but searching for a warmer tone? Stellino comes in trendy terracotta as well.


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