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A B&W Halloween Look feat. Custom Nevada Stickers

A B&W Halloween Look feat. Custom Nevada Stickers

Halloween is just a few days away, and you know what that means...another excuse to decorate! To celebrate the beginning of the holiday decorating season, we’re taking a peek into the home of @spacesbybrennan.

Monochromatic looks from @spacebybrennan

A quick scroll through this Instagram feed and you’ll discover a strong visual identity. We’re talking assertive geometric patterns in bold black and white, with the only exception being a few splashes of vibrant green houseplants here and there. It’s a daring look, but @spacesbybrennan pulls it off with flying colors, or should we say, flying monochrome.

Check out this look for the spookiest day of the year! The bats flying out of this stenciled fireplace are eerie and spot-on, especially next to the cobweb-styled plant holders. But the fireplace isn’t the only patterned surface we see here. Take a peek behind the fireplace to the entryway and you’ll find a complementary motif. Look familiar? Those are Quadrostyle Nevada stickers custom ordered in black and white!

Custom B&W Nevada floor stickers:

Original Nevada floor stickers:


The strong horizontal lines of Nevada are a perfect match for @spacesbybrennan’s particular style, but the navy blue color they come in—not so much. Thankfully, requesting custom orders is easy and doesn’t cost much. In fact, requesting a color change of any of our patterns to black and white it is FREE! 

Get the Look

Want to emulate Brennan’s striking black and white style using your favorite Quadrostyle stickers? All you have to do is submit a custom request and we will bring your vision to life. 

Fill out the custom request form

Color changes aren’t the only type of customization we offer. Here are some of the most popular customization requests we receive

  • Custom cutting services
  • Replicate old tiles
  • Resizing and reformatting

Want to learn more about ordering custom Quadrostyle tile stickers and panels? 

Here’s everything you need to know about custom orders!

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