At Home with Camo and Trek: A Q&A for Dog Owners

At Home with Camo and Trek: A Q&A for Dog Owners

With paws, claws, and messy accidents to worry about, finding a stylish flooring solution that is pet-friendly isn’t always easy. Only a handful of flooring types can withstand the challenges pets impose on floors—and even fewer are suitable for renters or shoppers on a budget.

Quadrostyle is one of the few truly pet-friendly flooring solutions that are fashionable, suitable for renters, and accessibly priced. That’s why, when Angela of @camoandtrek was looking to cover up her basement laundry room floors, she turned to us. As an owner of two adorable dogs, she needed floors that were tough enough to withstand paw and foot traffic!

Now, about 6 months after her Quadrostyle makeover, we checked in to see how those stickers have been holding up. Here’s what she had to say.

Q: First things first, how did you find the installation process?

A: Well, the previous flooring was half-painted cement. So, we started by brushing on a coat of fresh white floor paint to give us a nice, clean surface to apply the tiles.

The stickers were mostly easy to apply. It was definitely helpful to have a second person completing the project with me. I’m not sure I could have done it solo, or if I did, I’d end up with a lot more bubbles in my tile. The hardest part was making sure that the grout lines stayed lined up and that everything was straight.

Q: What do the pups think of the new floors?

A: After a brief sniff, they came right in and immediately laid down, which is something that they didn’t do on the cement floor, so I’d say they are fans!

Q: In the 6 months since you installed Quadrostyle stickers, have they gotten scratched?

A: Unfortunately we had a mishap when moving our washing machine back in…but since then, they have remained perfect! They look just as good today as they did on Day 1.

Q: Any pee or poop accidents?

A: Nope!

Q: Has the pattern you chose helped to disguise the mess they make?

A: Unfortunately not. My dogs shed a lot, so that’s the biggest mess they make, and the old gray and green cement floor probably disguised the dog hair better. But that also wasn’t a factor I considered when I picked the pattern. 

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. I may see the dog hair more easily, but what matters most is that I can clean it more easily, too! I use the Swiffer regularly and I will also use the vacuum every so often.

Q: And how do you find cleaning the floor?

A: Well, the old space was a laundry room and storage area in our basement. It wasn’t a space that I regularly vacuumed as I do with other rooms in our house. But now that the space has been transformed, I find that I am cleaning it more because it feels more like a “room” in our house, instead of just a corner of the basement.


Have Angela’s dogs won over your heart too? There’s plenty more where that came from on Instagram @camoandtrek!

To learn more about choosing pet-friendly floors, read our guide in the Interior Decorating Blog!



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