How to Pick Pet-Friendly Floors

How to Pick Pet-Friendly Floors

We love our pets, but there’s no denying that they can sometimes wreak havoc on our homes. When scratches, stains, and messes are at risk, it’s important to make sure your floors are up to the challenge. That might mean ruling out high-end hardwood floors that are easily damaged and costly to maintain, but it doesn’t mean ruling out style!

There are options for every taste when it comes to pet-friendly floors. Read on to find out what qualities to look for when shopping and learn why Quadrostyle floor stickers are a great addition to any pet lover’s home.


Challenges Pet Owners Face When it Comes to Flooring

Cats and dogs are beloved members of our homes, but our households aren’t always built for their messes. The proof is in the stains and scratches on the floor. Most pet owners are familiar with the unfortunate consequences of living with a furry friend.

Some of the main challenges include:

  • Messy muddy paws when pets come in from outside
  • Pee puddles and subsequent stains that occur while housebreaking is still in process
  • Dents when playtime turns to roughhousing
  • Scratches from cats who haven’t been taught to use a scratching post

The good news is that these types of damages are preventable! When you choose pet-friendly floors, messes like these are easily cleaned up or avoided altogether.


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What Makes a Pet-Friendly Floor?

Easily damaged and high maintenance floors like hardwood and carpet are an unnecessary stress for pet owners. Instead, choose a flooring option that meets the following criteria:

Water and Moisture-Resistant

Durable, non-porous materials like vinyl and linoleum are a great choice for pet owners wanting to avoid moisture damage and stains. Think of all the times your pet has run inside from the rain, leaving a train of water in its wake.

Then, of course, there are the accidents that are bound to happen, especially when house-training. Cat pee is especially troublesome and can leave lasting damage on floors if not immediately cleaned.


This is particularly important for cat owners, as cats tend to scratch to mark their territory. If your cat hasn’t been trained to use a scratch post, your carpeted floors may take the brunt of the damage. Swap your carpets and rugs for a pet-friendly material, like vinyl, that won’t scratch.

Dog owners need to be careful too when it comes to scratching, especially if your dog tends to get rowdy during playtime. 

Mud, Pee, Poo & Fur-Proof

The messes our pets make are endless. Naturally, your floors must be stain-proof and easy to clean if you want to avoid replacing them or having to deep clean them regularly.

Hides Pet Hair Until the Next Vacuum

Most pet owners know how annoying it is to see little furs all over the floor, all the time. A floor with a bold or high-contrast pattern is a great trick for keeping all that fur out of sight! Patterns distract the eye so that we pay more attention to the stylish floor than the stray hairs your pets left behind. 


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Choose Quadrostyle for Your Pet-Friendly Floor!

Quadrostyle floor stickers are an obvious choice for pet owners who want to minimize the time and effort spent maintaining their floors. There are tons of stylish and trendy patterns to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about your home coming across as generic, as it might with other pet-friendly flooring options, like linoleum or vinyl imitation hardwood. 

Why should you choose Quadrostyle for your pet-friendly floors?

  • They’re made of durable vinyl that is resistant to water and mud.
  • Vinyl softens the sound of tip-tapping paws and prevents scratches and scuffs.
  • Easy to clean and stain-resistant.
  • Low-VOC emissions mean they are safe for your pets.
  • Budget-friendly so you can spend more on caring for and spoiling your pets.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Hundreds of patterns to choose from including styles that mimic hardwood, stone, cement tile, and ceramic tile.

Which Quadrostyle stickers would you choose for your home?

Floor stickers are available either as panels or tile stickers.

Choose tile stickers if your floor is already tiled and you want to update the style. Make sure to tightly adhere all of the tile sticker edges to ensure they are as durable as possible.

For non-tiled floors, choose floor sticker panels. With fewer joins, these stickers provide the best coverage and protection against pet-produced messes.


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Give Your Home a Stylish Pet-Friendly Update

Having pets doesn’t mean you have to forego chic, stylish floors. When you keep in mind the qualities that make a floor pet-friendly, you’ll find there are still many options to choose from. 

Our entire sticker catalog is pet-friendly and just waiting to be explored! Browse Quadrostyle to find floor stickers that you and your furry friends will love.




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