Claude in Navy Balances Out this “Blush Babe Cave”

Claude in Navy Balances Out this “Blush Babe Cave”

Hillary, alias @what.a.blush, is a So-Cal resident documenting the transformation of her heritage home into a “blush babe cave,” which we totally get, as blush is one of our favorite tones too. Just take a look at our two most recent collections...blush is everywhere! So, we find it quite ironic that the stickers she ended up going with aren’t blush-colored at all.

After sampling a variety of blush-colored patterns, she opted instead for our Claude stickers in navy. Navy, after all, is an ideal match for earthy pinks, and in fact you’ll find the shades paired together in a number of our designs, such as Maximus, Gemini, and Hydra.


(left to right) Maximus, Gemini, and Hydra

Navy is also a good decision in this case, because as much as we are fans of a monochrome home, too much of one color can grow tiring quickly, especially when you spend as much time at home as we do these days! Although one of our terracotta colored stickers would have looked lovely in Hillary’s kitchen, the navy aspect introduced by our Clause stickers strikes a welcome balance of warm and cold hues and creates a delightfully trendy atmosphere.



Get the Look

Offset the blush tones in your home with Claude wallpaper in navy blue. Clause is available in all formats, including tile stickers, floor stickers, and stair risers.

Claude also comes in blush pink Sienna and earthy Brick.


Claude in Sienna (left), Claude in Brick (right)


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