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San Francisco Beach Apartment Gets a Renter-Friendly Kitchen Upgrade

San Francisco Beach Apartment Gets a Renter-Friendly Kitchen Upgrade

Christina Higham is the design darling behind, an IG account chronicling her projects as an interior designer and showcasing a keen curatorial eye. Her style sensibilities are adaptable and wide-ranging, from urban industrial to modern minimalist, but a peek into her own home reveals the style nearest and dearest to her heart—beachy bohemian.

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As a renter, though, Christina had a hard time reflecting that style in the kitchen of her San Francisco apartment. Without the option to switch out cabinets and appliances, there was little she felt she could do to transform her generic kitchen. 

But when quarantine hit last spring, she cracked, deciding to do as much as she could within her limits to give her kitchen some style—linoleum floors and brown cabinets be damned!


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As Christina discovered, there’s quite a lot that renters can do to spice up their kitchens. A new light fixture and some fresh decor got her half-way there, but the pièce de résistance was the Quadrostyle stickered floor. To tie together the bohemian theme, she chose our Berber-inspired Harlow floor panels, which she matched with black hardware.

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Give your rental kitchen a boho upgrade with our Harlow floor panels. Floor panels are a great option here because they cover large sections of the floor with minimal joints and thus, offer good durability. They can also be removed easily and tack-free when your rent is up and it’s time to move. Harlow is also available in tile stickers, stair risers, and wallpaper.


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