A Colorful Edwardian Home with a Dramatic Decorative Fireplace

A Colorful Edwardian Home with a Dramatic Decorative Fireplace

Discovering the Instagram account of Katherine, aka @edwardian_vignette, has been such fun, not only because we’ve had the pleasure of marveling at her use of our stickers, but also because her home is a hodgepodge of style that comes together in such a captivating, beautiful, and truly unique way.

Her 1912 Cheshire home blends modernism with dashes of traditional Edwardian embellishment and playful pops of neon. She uses color to great effect, creating a bold and distinctive identity for each room. We may be biased, but our favorite room in her home has got to be the living room, where Quadrostyle Agrigento stickers playing a starring role. Just look at that fireplace!


Before & After

Believe it or not, this grandiose fireplace was not an original part of the home, which is all the more impressive when you consider what Katherine was working with before. In her updated fireplace design, the intricate metalwork framing the firebox is enriched by the striking pattern of our Agrigento tile stickers, whose inky blue-black tone is at home in this mod and moody setting.

Get the Look

Get this artistic look for your fireplace with Quadrostyle Agrigento tile stickers, whose captivating pattern roots back to the Byzantine era. The background is a creamy off-white and the motif is a dark blue-black. Agrigento is also available in wallpaper, floor stickers, and stair risers.

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