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Powder Room Revamp with Quadrostyle Tile Stickers

Powder Room Revamp with Quadrostyle Tile Stickers

How much do you hate your current floor tiles? Making them over is on a lot of peoples minds these days because a new floor can make all the difference to your decor. Problem is we're not all the DIY types - There are quite a few creative solutions out there using paint and stencils but if you don't feel confident painting over of your floor then you might love this idea.

Floor stickers are the new way to freshen up your floors. We recently joined forces with the talented Mariah Shealy to rescue her powder room. 

Floor stickers are a fast and easy way to cover up your old tiled floor. If you can use a utility knife or a pair of scissors then you can do this. 

Take the tour of her newly decorated powder room.

image courtesy Mariah Shealy

Designed to cover each tile individually, tile stickers come in 5 pre-cut sizes so all you do is choose the matching size as your tile, peel off the backing and smooth onto a clean floor tile. 

If all four sides of the sticker adhere to the tile then the corners shouldn't peel up. A common mistake is to cover the edge of the tile or worse, cover the grout. Vinyl tile stickers don't grip to porous surfaces like grout, that's why it's best to cover the tile, even if the sticker edge is shy 1 - 2mm.

Watch how easily Mariah applies tile stickers to her old  floor tiles

 If you love colour but aren't sure you can put up with it in the lounge room or bedroom, a powder room or guest ensuite is the perfect place to add a bold splash. Mariah chose this dynamic blue, Oceanside from Sherwin Williams as the room doesn't receive much natural light.  We love how she's added a few simple elements such as the wood shelf teamed with white and gold elements to provide a modern contrast.

image courtesy Mariah Shealy


image courtesy of Mariah Shealy

Best thing of all, a renovation like this doesn't need you to invest too much time or money, it's the one thing we love about small but smart improvements. And every time you open the door you're treated to your clever handiwork, which always brings a smile.

So are floor stickers for you? Mariah provides her honest feedback on how to choose, which size, ordering samples & tips for installing them.




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