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Spotlight: Give your floors a face-lift, how to install Quadrostyle Vinyl floor stickers

Spotlight: Give your floors a face-lift, how to install Quadrostyle Vinyl floor stickers

There are so many options out there to update your floors, today we'd like to share with you just how easy it is to cover your old floor with vinyl tile stickers.

Lauren from Bless'er House has transformed her basic laundry room into an enviable space using the Stella Moroccan tile pattern.

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Click here to see the tutorial from Bless'er House.

diy laundry floor makeover tutorial

If you're not ready to rip up your current flooring but you cannot bear to look at the state of it any longer we may have the solution for you. Quadrostyle offers tile stickers & tile panels to cover smooth floors, such as vinyl laminate, linoleum, parquet or sealed concrete. Although not a permanent solution, they can endure a few years with simple care.

photo credit: Bless'er House

They're a breeze to install & if any areas get damaged you can easily peel them off and replace them with a new stickers. These are a renters dream com true because they don't damage the surface of the floor. You can peel them off without any gummy residue left behind. 


Lauren's laundry floor was covered with vinyl sheeting. This is an ideal surface to cover with vinyl decals as its completely smooth & waterproof. So, if you have a floor like this don't tear it up yet!

There's almost no prep work. All that was needed was to give the floor a thorough cleaning. Lauren opted to use the 8" tile squares, but you can use the larger floor panels too. What's the difference I hear you say? When you install the tile squares you'll have more joins than when you lay the panels, and laying each one perfectly aligned takes some patience. 

photo credit: Bless'er House


Before you start to apply the stickers you'll need a straight line. In Lauren's case she followed the lines on the vinyl floor. If you don't have a guide like this use a string line & draw a straight line. Remember not all walls are straight, especially old houses, so be sure to check. You don't want to get to the other side of the room & realize that they're uneven.

 photo credit: Bless'er House

thin but tough

The vinyl decals are less than 1mm thick. While that doesn't sound very solid they're laminated to take some serious wear & tear. Best thing about their thickness is you can easily cut them using a cutter or a razor. Tip: Make sure the blade is sharp.

And because these stickers are thin they'll slide under any door or appliance. They're not flimsy, the vinyl is smooth and underfoot they have a soft feel to them.

photo credit: Bless'er House

trimming tip
Got a tricky area to trim around? Make a template using paper or cardboard & transfer this shape to the tile sticker. Use a pair of scissors to cut the shape out.

photo credit: Bless'er House

slide your appliances carefully

Take great care returning your appliances over your new floor. Often the bases of our white goods have metal feet which can tear the vinyl stickers. We recommend applying felt pads to the feet of your appliances. Gently glide them back into place.

photo credit: Bless'er House

Inspired to try these out yourself? This DIY floor project cost $374.75 worth of stickers and free shipping is included! Shop Now

Want to see this room’s final reveal? Click here to see the full tour.

photo credit: Bless'er House

And don't take our word for how durable these stickers can be, see Lauren's latest post 

How Our Patterned Vinyl Tile Is Holding Up 10 Months Later

Our biggest thanks to Lauren & Robert and Bless'er House for featuring Quadrostyle's Vinyl Tile stickers.

Want more? Check out Lauren's list of her 18 favorite vinyl tile stickers - Click here

Got any other great flooring refresh solutions you’ve used before?  We’d love to hear about them to share with our community!  Share them below.



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Gabrielle Morabia

Gabrielle Morabia

Hi Gabi, why not place a custom order for this size. Use this link to tell us your details and we’ll be able to create a listing for you https://quadrostyle.com/pages/customize-your-order

Gabi Sablotny

Gabi Sablotny

My existing bathroom tiles are 40cmx 40cm would you have any floor stickers to fit this size? Thanks Gabi

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