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Not much cash to renovate? Here are our 9 top ideas under $200.00

Not much cash to renovate? Here are our 9 top ideas under $200.00

Let us inspire you & show you just how easy it is to make simple, yet stylish updates to your home on a budget. Whether you want to upgrade the kitchen back splash, refresh the bathroom floor or add some color to your staircase we have affordable ideas. Here is just a taster of our top 9 home upgrades for under $200, we hope you find them as inspiring as we do.



Transform your existing back splash by adding a bold pattern using vinyl peel & stick decals. These are opaque and completely cover the wall, no matter what color it is. They are water resistant so you can install them behind your stove or in front of the kitchen sink. 

photo credit kellyalbertsphotography

1 panel will cover 8 sq.ft. They're sold individually for $49.95, so you can cover a back splash like this one for $149.95



Have you got a tired fireplace? Wake up your living room and make your fireplace the focal point for as little as $49.95. This fireplace surround got a cool makeover in as little as an afternoon by using easy to use peel & stick wallpaper.

Please note that this is a solution only if your surround doesn't get hot whilst in use.

See the amazing before & after pics in Tara's home by clicking here. 

 photo credit: radandhappy


Stairs are one of the first things you see when you enter a home. Refresh scuffed stair risers with a pack of vinyl adhesive strips. A pack of 6 risers at 6.5" high will cost you $64.95. That means you can cover all your 18 stairs for just under $195.00. And no special tools are required, a fun DIY project that takes no more than a few hours.

photo credit Quadrostyle

Add a bold graphic like these or choose from a huge range of patterns from Quadrostyle, choose from 6 different riser heights. 



Make a temporary update to your bathroom floor by covering up the old tiles with individually cut tile stickers. These  landlord friendly decals can be removed without damaging the old tiles below. They feature a special laminate that can take the wear & tear & they're easy to clean. Best of all a pack of 8" stickers costs $79.95 for a pack of 24 units, that'll be enough to cover 10 sq.ft with a few left over!

photo credit plantyofprojects

We love the Syracuse pattern in rose, but there are lots more designs to choose from. See more from Quadrostyle



Bet you didn't think you could do anything with this area! This space is just begging for a makeover. Whether you place a few stools in front or just leave it bare adding a pattern to your island instantly adds value.  

photo credit itsaboserlife

To get this look order these easy to clean, easy to install adhesive wallpaper panels. You'll need 3 panels, These are only $49.95, they are 24" x 48" and for this project you'll need 3 - a total spend of $149.85 Check out the collection of peel & stick wallpapers 



It's a busy area that gets a lot of traffic. If your hallway is covered in an old fashioned vinyl laminate or linoleum you can actually modernize it without breaking the bank. Don't remove it. Cover it instead!

It doesn't involve messy removals or require a tradesman, best thing is you can do it yourself. 


Adhesive backed floor stickers are ideal over smooth, non porous floors. Each roll covers 8 sq.ft for $69.95 - Browse the collection from Quadrostyle.



A small space that you can't avoid, make a few simple cosmetic changes that will make washing days a breeze. First thing, add a cheery feature wall in front of your washer & dryer. Next, add  a deep shelf to store laundry that needs extra attention and beneath it add a metal rod to hang up the ironing. Say goodbye to basket loads of creased ironing.

A pack of 6" stick on tile decals costs $59.95 and there's 24 units, if your wall is like this one you'll need 2 packets for a total of $119.95. Click here to order some. We like the white plywood range of wall mountable shelves from Modular Closets



Personalize your bedroom with a beautiful headboard. Nowdays, you can find lots of DIY tutorials on using left over wallpaper. We love this idea because its so easy to create & doesn't cost a lot. 

photo credit & tutorial brewsterwallcovering

You'll need a plywood or melamine panel $37.95, molding trim for the frame $13.00 & your choice of wallpaper. If you want to avoid buying glue & sealer why not opt for vinyl adhesive wallpaper. It's a little more expensive but can save you some time. We love both! Buy this wallpaper from Brewster Wall Coverings



This photo from Caitlin Wilson & Kohler is a stunning example using beautiful encaustic cement tiles. But these are expensive right? If your shower is tiled you can get this look on a budget without removing your old tiles.

photo credit caitlinwilson

Quadrostyle have a similar pattern in their tile sticker collection. These stickers are designed to cover ceramic tile & are made from a soft vinyl. They're water resistant so are ideal in bathrooms. Order the size that matches your existing shower tile. A pack of 24 units in 4" starts at $39.95, this bathroom features 8" tiles which cost $79.95 for a pack of 24 stickers.



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