Les stickers, c’est chic! Quadrostyle Named Among Marie Claire Maison’s Top Decor Picks for 2021

Les stickers, c’est chic! Quadrostyle Named Among Marie Claire Maison’s Top Decor Picks for 2021
After a trying year, it feels truly refreshing to have started off 2021 on a good note—with a feature in the French publication Marie Claire Maison, the home branch of the distinguished fashion and beauty mag. Here’s hoping that recognition from one of France’s leading interior design publications is a positive omen for the year to come!

Comment veut dire flattered?

French style is notoriously refined, chic, and, above all, selective, so you can imagine how honored we are to have been recognized for this feature. Not least of all because it hits so close to home. 


Some of our customers may not know this, but Quadrostyle actually splits its headquarters between Indonesia and France. In fact, the photos used in the article were shot at Quadrostyle founder Gabrielle Morabia’s home in the South of France! Though most of our business still takes place across the English-speaking world, as an international company, we are happy to see our audience growing elsewhere around the world.

Chic is French

We are proud to share this article, which comes from a series on the editorial board of Marie Claire’s “Top Decor Picks for 2021.” Unfortunately for most of our customers, the article is in French. Bet you saw that coming, didn’t you? 

You can read the original article here

...or, for the non-francophone and those who don’t feel like summoning up their high school French skills, you can read a translation of the article below!



What if stickers were the best accessory for customizing your home without having to commit to heavy renovations and a hefty price tag? With an extensive catalog, Quadrostyle adapts to all interiors. We’re shining a spotlight on the site that interior design fans won’t soon be able to do without!

A Passion for Design

Gabrielle Morabia has always been passionate about design. Several years ago, while running a children’s fashion brand, this Australian expat in France fell under the spell of old Portuguese tiles. She was in the middle of renovating her rental home in Aix-en-Provence and searching for ways to fix up certain rooms without having to embark on expensive projects, like replacing the tiles. That’s when she had the idea to use the stickers she had been using for her in-store displays! With her artistic director, they set off to work designing a handful of motifs that they first presented on Etsy. Four years later, this small brand has become big and is now distributed all over the world. 

An Inspired Collection

It was Gabrielle’s love for prints that initially ignited the project, though she has since been influenced by a number of other muses. The result is evident in the different collections on the site, which pay homage to beautiful fabrics such as Berber rugs, to Aztec inspirations from the desert of Santa Fe, to the more sober and French-inspired “chic and rustic country” style. The catalog is incredibly varied in terms of colors, patterns, and textures. Quadrostyle also offers custom services designing stickers to meet customer requests. 

An Accessible Decor Solution

Stickers offer numerous advantages when it comes to renovation or home staging. They can be installed on floors, walls, furniture, or backsplashes—in kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms. And the good news is that you don’t even have to be a DIY expert or have tons of equipment in order to install them. All you need is a utility knife or scissors and a small cloth to push out air bubbles. Quadrostyle offers stickers in several sizes to best fit all surfaces and a workable thickness that allows you to stick them anywhere without having to worry about space. Quick and easy to apply and remove, these stickers can also serve to habituate your home to a particular style or pattern before potentially investing in more extensive renovations. 

With more than 150 patterns, customization services, and high-quality rendering, Quadrostyle makes renovation accessible and chic!


[translated from French]

Shop the Stickers in Gabrielle’s Home!

For unique designs and non-conforming tile shapes like the Bellota floor stickers in Gabrielle’s kitchen, be sure to contact us about our custom services!


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