Wallpaper User Guide

How to use our Wallpaper Panels


You will need:

    • A spirit level
    • A string line
    • A pencil
    • A utility knife or packet of razor blades
    • A wallpaper hanging brush or soft cloth
    • A friend to help  

Preparation is key to getting a perfect result. Create a plump line to use as your guide in placing the first panel.

Fig.2 Peel the panel from the backing by bending the corner back. Position the top of the panel to the ceiling.
Fig.3 Line up the edge of the panel with your plumb line.
Fig.4 Smooth your panel against the wall, pressing out any air bubbles to either side.

Align the next panel beside the first, carefully matching the pattern edge and ensuring it’s straight. Seams should not overlap, rather butt up against each other.
Fig. 5 Trim away any excess using a very sharp utility knife or blade.

Use this method around windows, door and moldings.

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