Tile Stickers, Wallpaper or Floor Panels: which one is right for you?

Removable, Repositionable, Renter Friendly

Ordering our vinyl stickers is really simple. Before you start you’ll need to understand two basic concerns.
What do Quadrostyle decals stick to?



Smooth ceramic & porcelain wall & floor tiles with minimal texture

Rough or embossed wall & floor tiles, irregular edged tiles, pocked surfaces

Smooth drywall painted in a satin or gloss paint

Drywall painted in a matte, velour or chalk finish. Rough cement walls.

Laminated surfaces such as melamine, formica or IKEA furniture

Unsealed sub flooring, unsealed plywood or raw wood

Linoleum & laminate flooring, parquet & varnished wood

Unsealed concrete or stone tiles

Sealed Concrete, sealed polished stone, sealed terracotta tiles

Cork or any other porous surface

Glass, marble, granite, terrazzo, metal, plastic, vinyl, acrylic, perspex

Damp or cracked surfaces

What surface are you covering up?




Wall or Floor Tiles

Use the size menu

Order the matching size from the Tile or Floor Sticker Collection

With a choice of 5 sizes, these are suitable for wall & floor tiles. Cover each tile individually, leave the grout exposed for a tile face lift.

Painted drywall, sealed polished stone back splash, glass, metal, melamine, IKEA furniture, Formica, acrylic or Perspex

Order from our Wallpaper or Back Splash Collection

These panels join seamlessly and go up a lot easier that trying to align lots of small squares.

Linoleum & laminate flooring, sealed concrete, parquet or varnished wood sub floors

Use the size menu

Order Floor Panels from our Tile or Floor Sticker Collection.


By using larger panels, you’ll create a more durable surface with fewer joins. Seamless pattern. Note: Embossed surfaces may show as a relief, opt for a strong pattern.

Tiled Backsplash, Tiled Fireplace Surround (irregular sized tiles) with 1 – 3mm grout

Order from our Wallpaper or Back Splash Collection

The fastest solution: cover the tile & grout all in one, trim to fit. You may notice the tile relief below, opt for a strong pattern to disguise this.

Tiled Fireplace Surround (regular square tiles)

Use the size menu

Order the matching size from our Tile or Floor Sticker Collection.


Cover each tile individually, leave the grout exposed for a tile face lift.

Stair Risers

Use the size menu

Order the matching riser height from our Stair Riser Collection.


A choice of 6 pre-cut riser heights to choose from, each strip can be joined to create a longer strip.

Can't stand your old floor anymore? Easier than stenciling and longer wearing than a coat of paint, you can cover up your old floor with peel & stick floor panels. Perfect for renters or home renovators on a budget, these are the leading DIY way to transform your home without spending a fortune.

See the entire renovation & Order the Floc floor panels

How does it work?

We source the globe looking for beautiful tile patterns to adorn your home. Our graphic designer redraws the motif, sometimes adding or removing imperfection to create a characteristic tile replica. We use state of the art digital technology to print our designs onto the best quality low-tac adhesive vinyl available. Each tile is then laminated to withstand your homes daily wear and tear. The low-tac, adjustable adhesive backing make them a breeze to install and will not damage the existing floor or wall, making these a perfect choice if you’re renting. Our peel & stick tile stickers are sold in packs as individually cut squares or panels. 

How Durable are these Peel & Stick Decals?

We love these decals mainly because you can transform a neglected area of your home into an eye-popping designer feature. Even though they’re stickers they’re seriously durable.

The material we print on was designed to be used for retail store promotions, car advertising, sport stadium logos and other large-scale floor announcements. We love that they’re so easy to install but still easy to remove. As a guide stickers applied onto walls can last over 5 years. Stickers installed over floors can give a good 2 years wear before they need some replacing. It all depends on the surface & the traffic of each area.

Did you know that these are water resistant? Use them in wet areas such as over your shower tiles, behind your laundry sink or in front of your bathroom vanity. Cooking spills, steam, dirt and debris all wipe up easily with a damp sponge or mop. Whether you’re looking for a temporary way to renovate or add some personal style to your home our stickers are an addictive and creative way to make over your home over the weekend.

Can they be installed over existing ceramic tile that has grout lines?

YES! Just like a tile face-lift  our tile stickers are perfectly designed to cover your old ceramic tiles. Measure your tiled wall or floor tiles & order the matching size but don't include the grout lines. The secret to a long lasting application is precision. Ensure the edges of each sticker will adhere to your tile. Rounded tile edges or irregular edges will give inferior results so don't let even 1 millimeter hang over the edge. Can't find your size? Don't worry, we can custom cut them to your size too. 

Still not sure? Let us help you calculate your order or start here to make a custom order