Frequently asked questions

How do I decide which product to order?

Ordering our vinyl stickers is really simple. Before you start you’ll need to understand two basic concerns.

What do Quadrostyle decals stick to?



Smooth wall & floor tiles

Rough or textured wall & floor tiles, irregular edged tiles, pocked surfaces

Drywall painted in a satin or gloss paint

Drywall painted in a matte, velour or chalk finish

Laminated surfaces such as melamine or IKEA

Unsealed sub flooring, unsealed plywood or raw wood

Linoleum & laminate flooring, parquet & varnished wood

Unsealed concrete or stone tiles

Sealed Concrete & sealed polished stone

Cork or any other porous surface

Glass, metal, plastic, vinyl, Formica, acrylic, perspex

Damp or cracked surfaces

What surface are you covering up?




Wall or Floor Tiles

Use the size menu

Order the matching size from the Tile or Floor Sticker Collection

With a choice of 5 sizes, these are suitable for wall & floor tiles. Cover each tile individually, leave the grout exposed for a tile face lift.

Painted drywall, sealed polished stone back splash, glass, metal, melamine, IKEA furniture, Formica, acrylic or Perspex

Order from our Wallpaper or Back Splash Collection

These panels join seamlessly and go up a lot easier that trying to align lots of small squares.

Linoleum & laminate flooring, sealed concrete, parquet or varnished wood sub floors

Use the size menu

Order Floor Panels from our Tile or Floor Sticker Collection.


By using larger panels, you’ll create a more durable surface with fewer joins. Seamless pattern. Note: Embossed surfaces may show as a relief, opt for a strong pattern.

Tiled Backsplash, Tiled Fireplace Surround (irregular sized tiles) with 1 – 3mm grout

Order from our Wallpaper or Back Splash Collection

The fastest solution: cover the tile & grout all in one, trim to fit. You may notice the tile relief below, opt for a strong pattern to disguise this.

Tiled Fireplace Surround (regular square tiles)

Use the size menu

Order the matching size from our Tile or Floor Sticker Collection.


Cover each tile individually, leave the grout exposed for a tile face lift.

Stair Risers

Use the size menu

Order the matching riser height from our Stair Riser Collection.


A choice of 6 pre-cut riser heights to choose from, each strip can be joined to create a longer strip.

Can I order Samples?

Ordering samples is a great way to see the colour, scale & finish of our products.

Order samples in case you need a few extra units or replacements. Samples cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

Why aren’t samples shipped for free?

Your samples are shipped from our office in Bali, Indonesia. Whether we ship 1 sticker or a pack of 24 it's under the 500 gram threshold. We don't hide the price of shipping in the product and we offer it free when you spend 179€

We ship your samples with DHL, a reliable & traceable service which needs to be signed for.  We think it's a reasonable price to pay if your project is sizeable as it's the best way to judge our quality and color range.

How can I make a payment?

We accept payments via Debit / Credit Cards or Paypal.

Your financial information is protected with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cancellations once your order has commenced. Contact us within 24 hours, if your order hasn’t been printed we’ll gladly offer you a refund ( excludes products purchased with a discount code )

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

Any order over 700€ or USD $750 is considered a large order. Contact us with your project as you may be able to apply for a discount.

We offer free samples with large orders so that clients can be 100% sure of the color & quality before the full order is printed. Request free samples once you have placed your order. Please allow up to 7 days to receive your samples.

Kindly note, in the case you decide not to go ahead with the full order the cost of samples & shipping them will be deducted from your refund.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Your purchase is made to order. We require 3 – 5 days to print, expertly hand-cut & carefully wrap your stickers ready to deliver to your home.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North Africa, South America and the Middle East.

If you don't see your country listed at the checkout, send us a message and we'll create a custom shipping rate for you. Prices are based on the final destination and the weight of your order.

USA & Canada

DHL Standard International Delivery

Up to 7 working days

From 18.95€

USA & Canada Express

DHL 3 Day Express

Up to 3 working days

From 37.95


DHL Standard International Delivery

Up to 7 working days

From 18.95


DHL Standard International Delivery

Up to 7 working days

From 18.95

Australia & NZ

DHL Standard International Delivery

Up to 7 working days

From 12.95


DHL Standard International Delivery

Up to 7 working days

From 16.95

The rest of the world

DHL Standard International Delivery

Up to 7 working days

From 21.95

Note: USA & Canadian residents that opt for 3-day express shipping please allow up to 48 hr to print, cut & wrap your goods. Kindly note that public holidays may affect these delivery times.

Where do you ship from?

Our warehouse is based in Indonesia so if you're not a local your order requires international shipping.

Certain countries, such as the EU, impose Value Added Tax (VAT) and/or duty to our products when they enter. Any additional fees derived from importation, such as taxes, processing or brokerage fees are the customer’s sole responsibility. Please check your country's customs policies before buying an item. We will not be responsible if customs holds or confiscates certain items.

What is your Return Policy?

We want you to be thrilled with your purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just return your tile stickers

Contact Us within 14 days of receiving your order. Explain the problem to us and we'll do our very best to rectify the situation.

  • 14-day return policy, no questions asked.
  • Return items in their original packaging.
  • No return on samples, custom orders or stock purchased with a promo code over 15%.
  • Return shipping is paid by the client.

Return only unused stickers to us and we'll process your refund upon receipt of the goods. Items that are received damaged will not be refunded. Use the original packing and wrap the goods as you received them to ensure we receive them in re-sellable condition. Provide a tracking number when you return the goods to us. Without one we cannot trace it. Custom orders, samples & sale items are final - No returns accepted.

What is a Tile Sticker?

Our tile stickers are a durable, adhesive backed vinyl film, using the most cutting-edge printing technology available. Each tile sticker is then laminated to take some serious abuse. The low tack, re-adjustable adhesive backing makes them a breeze to install and will not damage the existing surface. Our Peel & Stick tile stickers are sold in packs, with each individual tile available in 6 different sizes.
They are re-positionable but we don't recommend re using them once applied.

How durable are they?

We love these decals mainly because of their ease of installation (you really can do it yourself!) and their durability! The material we print on was developed to be used for outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, stadiums and point of purchase for retail stores and malls. We have just taken this high-tech material, printed it with our fabulous designs and laminated it with a heavy-duty laminate. Though it is a sticker, it is seriously durable! We love that it can be used on the floor and in wet areas as well. Dirt and debris clean up easily with a damp mop. Perfect for a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, pantry, rental home or office. We've had clients even install them on a porch!

How do I use your Tile Sticker Products?

  • Preparation is the key to a long-lasting application. Clean your existing surface for the best adhesion by removing all traces of dust, grease & soap residue. We recommend giving them a good scrub using a scourer sponge & multi-purpose kitchen / bathroom spray. Make sure they're really clean & very dry before you start.
  • Certain floor tiles have a factory applied waxy coating to protect them during shipment. In some cases, the wax has not been removed after installation. This wax will repel the stickers. We recommend you remove the coating with an acidic abrasive cleanser.
  • You cannot grout the stickers, but you can caulk them. They are less than 1 mm thick & only designed to cover the surface beneath.
  • Our stickers are best applied to smooth, non-porous surfaces. Painted surfaces must be water resistant & be a satin or gloss finish. Our stickers do not adhere to surfaces with a chalky, matte finish.
  • To apply, simply bend over a corner of a sticker and peel it off its backing. Smooth it over the surface with a dry cloth or credit card to remove any air bubbles.
  • The tile stickers can be trimmed with a pair of scissors or a utility knife to fit into corners or around switches.
  • Protect the surface of the vinyl floor stickers from tearing when moving furniture or appliances over it. Using felt pads or discs will prolong the life of your new floor.
  • Find our user guides here.

How do I measure my existing tiles?

Our tile stickers are designed to give your old tiles a face-lift by covering each tile with one sticker.

  • Measure your tiles between the grout lines & order the matching size. Tile stickers need to be applied directly on top of the tile, not over grout.
  • To ensure the corners don’t peel up, the 4 sides of each sticker must have 100% contact with the tile face. Do not allow the sticker edge to hang over the grout lines. Tiles that have rounded edges, rounded corners, irregular edges or embossed surfaces will give poorer results.
  • Can't find your size? Unsure how to measure? Don't worry, use the calculate my order page. We can even custom cut them to your exact dimensions. Tell us more by completing a custom order form.

My grout doesn’t look good, what can I do?

Did you know there are several great grout refresh products on the market, order a grout pen and you'll have a spanking new tile job! Search "grout pen" via the internet. We love white but there are many options in colour too.

I have a tiled back splash. Which is best - Tile Stickers or Wallpaper Panels?

If your grout is wide and dips between each tile we recommend you cover each tile individually using our tile sticker packs in the matching size to your tiles.

If your tiled wall has fine grout lines and a smooth surface you can cover the lot with our splash back panels. Identical to our wallpaper panels, these join-up for a seamless finish and feature quarter tile patterns with grout lines in between. We suggest you choose a bold pattern as you may see the tile relief underneath.

Recap: Tile stickers go over tiled surfaces. Wallpaper panels go over smooth surfaces such as walls, shelves, table tops, kitchen islands, stair risers & fireplace surrounds.

Can I use wallpaper panels on the floor?

We recommend using our floor quality stickers on floors due to the extra protective laminate applied to the surface of each sticker.

However, if your floor has very low traffic you can use the matte version of our wallpaper.

Are you sure I can use them on the Floor?

Absolutely! Though not as hard wearing as the real thing our tile stickers can offer up to a few years of wear and tear. The key is to understand what they will stick to and what they won’t.

Check the list of suitable surfaces at the top of this page.

Use our floor panels if your floor is linoleum, laminate, parquet, varnished floors, sealed concrete or sealed plywood, marble or granite.

Use our tile sticker packs if your floor is tiled. If your tile size is not available, we'll custom design some so they fit perfectly over your existing tiles. Customize your order here.

Don't try to slide furniture, appliances or other objects with sharp feet over the surface. Protect the surface of the vinyl from tearing when moving furniture or appliances over it. Using felt pads or discs will prolong the life of your new floor.

Want to make your tile stickers permanent? We recommend sealing the tile stickers by using a clear epoxy resin sealer. Available from most hardware stores this application offers maximum durability but will make them unremovable.

I’m in a rental, can I remove them when I move out?

Removable, Repositionable, Renter Friendly. Thanks to the low tac adhesive our floor stickers peel easily, stick smoothly and removes cleanly.

Are they suitable in wet areas? Kitchens? Bathrooms?

Yes, they are water resistant. Our vinyl sticker products are perfect to use in areas where there is moisture. 

Install them as a back splash, behind the kitchen sink or stove wall. Splashes of water, hot steam or cooking oils can be wiped away with a damp sponge.
Install them in your shower, over the bath tub surround tiles or an acrylic shower wall, the droplets of water just run off. 

Clean the tile surface from dirt, soap & oil prior to the application of stickers. The steam from cooking or showering will not affect the adhesive.
However these stickers are not waterproof. 
Do not install them on the bottom of the shower floor where water can collect, nor in a pond, basin, sink or pool.
If your balcony floor is not flat and rain collects in puddles we do not recommend installing tile stickers on it. We don't recommend installing our stickers in poorly ventilated areas where there is a high concentration of condensation.

Will they come in a sheet or cut out?

Our products are pre-cut ready for you to install.

Tile sticker packs are available in 5 sizes & cut to your existing tile size, just peel off the backing and stick.
Wallpaper & Floor Panels are just a larger version & available in 1 size – 24” x 48” (60 x 120cm)

When correctly installed the pattern is seamless, joins are made at the printed grout line. When you receive your goods, study the panel edges to see the pattern repeat. 

Stair riser packs are offered in 6 heights and cut into strips 48" (120cm) long.

What is the right tile size?

We offer different sizes of tile stickers. 

Measure the length & width of your tiles & see if your size is available in the drop-down size menu. Do not calculate the grout line or join between the tiles, our tile sticker needs to be applied directly on top of the tile with the existing grout visible. Can't see your size listed, place a customized order.

Do you accept customized orders?

We can custom design rectangular & hexagonal sizes, use our custom order form and tell us about your project

Size Customization:

We can create our tile stickers in smaller or larger sizes than what you see available on our site. And the good news is that increasing or decreasing the size doesn't affect the price considerably. We can customize our wallpaper and floor panels too.The maximum width is 24”(60cm ), contact us for longer lengths.

Different Designs:

Have you got a design that you'd like to make into a tile sticker? We can help you with that too. Our graphic team loves a challenge and welcomes a new project.

How it Works:

We'll reply to you with 48 hours and create a personalized quotation for your exact needs.

Ensure you tell us your existing surface to be covered, the area dimensions, the tile dimensions (if covering old tiles) and the pattern you prefer. If you know exactly how many units you need tell us that too.

Colour Customization:

Want to change the colour of the pattern? Prefer a solid colour? We can do this too!

Complete the custom order form & send us details of the colors you'd like to use. Add a link to the colour if you have one. We'll set up a listing with your customized quote. Tell us if you'd like to receive a digital mock-up of the design or physical samples delivered. Once the payment is received we get to work & re-colour the design you requested. Please note we do not make custom samples without a principal order.

If you decide you no longer wish to proceed with the custom order after reviewing the digital mock-up or samples we'll gladly refund you less graphic design charges, sample costs & any associated shipping.

 Complete a custom form today to receive a quote.

 Kindly note custom orders are not returnable or refundable.

How do I care for my Tile Stickers?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with our tile stickers:

  • Quadrostyle tile stickers are easy to re-position & remove but once fixed are not re-useable.
  • If your sticker is proving stubborn to remove, pass a warm hairdryer over it for a few seconds to soften the glue.
  • Clean your wall stickers with a mild detergent & a sponge. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners & do not scrub the tile sticker surface.
  • Do not steam clean them.
  • Do not use over heated flooring.
  • Caulking is an option to protect the sticker edge but not necessary.
  • Protect floor stickers by adding felt pads to chair & table feet to reduce scratches.
  • Protect any raw edges from peeling up by using floor or wall trim.
  • Don't place your tile stickers where they'll be subjected to direct heat such as an oven door or an open flame. Maintain at least 4” (10cm) from a gas cook top. They are suitable around a fireplace place surround, but not along the inside or along the hearth. 
  • Don't apply them to shower floors or the inside of baths or sinks. They are better utilized as splash backs.
  • If your existing tiles are even a few millimeters larger than our pre-set sizes, it's worth placing a customized order as tile stickers may peel up if not all 4 sides adhere to the tile surface.
  • Protect the surface of the vinyl from tearing when moving furniture or appliances over it. We highly recommend using felt pads or discs to prolong the life of your new floor.

Oh no! I haven't ordered enough. Can i order a few more?

Yes of course. Order extra units via our Samples Page.

Please be sure to measure & calculate your needs so you order enough for your project. Use our Calculate my Order page 

As each purchase is made to order new orders may have subtle color differences. Each order is considered a batch, therefore ordering extra units may not match up to your first order.

We recommend you order over your needs just to have a few extra on hand.