Copy of Tile Sticker User Guide


You will need:

  • A general purpose kitchen cleaner & sponge
  • A utility knife and a pair of scissors
  • A soft cloth

Download and print

Before you install your tile stickers, make sure the surface is clean of all traces of dust, grease or oil. Remove any trace of detergent with a damp sponge and allow to dry.

Turn back a corner of the tile from the backing, peel it off and position it on the existing tile.

Using a dry cloth and a smoothing motion, push out any air bubbles toward the edges until the sticker is firmly adhered. Pay extra attention to the sticker edges. All four sides must not extend past the tile edge, nor curve over rounded edges as this will cause the sticker to peel up. 

Clean your Quadrostyle tile stickers as    necessary.

Scrubbing & the use of abrasive chemicals are not recommended.

Download and print