Floor Panel User Guide

How to use our Floor Panels

You will need:

  • A broom, a vacuum, a general purpose floor cleaner and a mop
  • A utility knife and a pair of scissors
  • A soft cloth or a ruler
  • A friend to help
  • TIP! Felt discs to protect the vinyl from tears from a table or chair feet.

Our premium grade peel and stick vinyl stickers are laminated with a commercial grade anti-scratch film which also acts as a UV protection layer. They are perfect for high traffic areas in residential homes, however abrasive wear may damage the panel. We consider them to be a temporary décor solution. We recommend these be installed after all renovations are complete. Protect the surface of the vinyl from tearing when moving furniture or appliances over it. Using felt pads or discs will prolong the life of your new floor.


Prepare: Surface preparation is crucial before applying your vinyl floor panels. The floor needs to be clean, dry & dust free. Sweep around all floor edges to loosen any debris, then vacuum. Using a mild soap solution mop your floor & let it air dry.

TIP: When you are cleaning & drying your floor close all windows and remove your shoes to maintain a clean surface.

Visualize: Imagine how you wish the design to look once complete. If you walls are perfectly straight choose a corner of the floor and use that as your starting point. If youre not certain we recommend to start in the center of the floor and work outwards towards the wall edges. As no room is perfectly square it’s important to follow the pattern and tile layout and not the edges of the wall. Each panel is printed with 32 tile squares each 15 cm (6”) with grout line to replicate a tiled floor. Each panel has a top & a bottom, please familiarize yourself with the edges so that the pattern repeat creates a seamless finish. 

Download and print


Peel back two inches of the white backing paper along your top edge and fold the backing in place. Butt the edges of the vinyl into the base where the floor meets the wall.

Once the decals is in place. Tack the two inch edge down working from the middle outwards. You are trying to not trap any air bubbles is the vinyl.

With one hand pulling back the backing and the other sweeping across the vinyl from left to right, work towards you. Continue until the whole decal is down.

Repeat steps 1 through 3 in straight line until you get to the end of the floor. Then repeat the whole line again using the edges of the tiles as your guide.

Work out any air bubbles towards the edges of the tile if you can, if not, create a pin-hole in the bubble and remove the trapped bubble that way.
When the decal folds up along a wall, work the vinyl into the base board the best you can. At the end you will come back and remove any excess with an exact knife.


We recommended you apply soft felt pads to furniture footings to extend the life of the vinyl panel. Cover any raw edges with floor trim to prevent the edge from tearing. Once you’ve done that you can walk on them as you would normally. Clean your floors as you would normally, with a broom or vacuum cleaner, a damp mop and mild floor cleaner.