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A Fireplace Floor Facelift for Fall

A Fireplace Floor Facelift for Fall

As the seasons shift and evenings get cooler, it feels fitting to trade in bright colors and sun-drenched pastels for earthier, more grounded colors. Charcoal, pine, navy, dark reds, and ochre are all examples of colors that set the scene for Fall, creating a cuddle-conducive atmosphere and a welcome shelter from the wind, chill, and rain of the season.

Quadrostyle stickers introduce these colors into your home along with bold and unique patterns that give your space a personality as distinct as your own. One example is our Sierra sticker, which features a black lotus motif against a mustard yellow background.

How appropriate that @journeyandjacobs would choose Sierra for their fireplace floor—a cozy print for the coziest corner of the house! It provides a striking contrast against the exposed brick wall and the various houseplants. Bohemian prints like Sierra look best when paired with strong textures and natural elements.

Watch the video below to see how another customer used Sierra stickers on her fireplace hearth!


Get the Look

For a faux fireplace like this one that is merely decorative, feel free to use floor stickers on the hearth as well as inside the firebox.

Learn how to use Quadrostyle stickers on your fireplace surround

However, if you have a working fireplace that you use, only sticker the areas that do not get hot. The heat will unstick the adhesive and warp the vinyl. Sierra is also available in tile stickers, stair risers, and wallpaper.

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