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$49.00 Kitchen backsplash update

$49.00 Kitchen backsplash update

If you’re due for a makeover, don’t feel stuck with your current backsplash (even if it is literally stuck). Undoing the permanence of a kitchen backsplash can feel overwhelming and daunting. Not to mention chipping away at stubborn backsplash tiles, guaranteed you'll have one the messiest kitchens you can imagine.

But there is an easier way. Peel & stick vinyl wallpaper is a low cost, high impact solution. When Linda and her husband found themselves in a rental house after moving for work, they needed an inexpensive way to jazz up their rental home. Apart from repainting the kitchen and living room, Linda also wanted a way to improve a backsplash that just never seemed to clean up properly. Buy charcoal and ochre toned Medici splashback


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