Côté Sud 2016

QUADROSTYLE debuts innovative line of decorative tile stickers at Côté Sud 2016

QUADROSTYLE debuts innovative line of decorative tile stickers at Côté Sud 2016
Cost-effective tile re-model solution grabs the spotlight at premier home design event.
Aix en Provence, FRANCE – 3 June 2016 – The creative new line of decorative tile stickers from Quadrostyle was unveiled at this year’s Salon Côté Sud event. The innovative peel-and-stick solution offers bold new creativity and ultimate ease of installation for anyone looking to transform their kitchens, bathrooms, floors or other tiled areas to vibrant new experiences at a fraction of the typical cost of tile re-models. If you weren't able to make it to the South of France here's a peek at what you missed.
The striking Quadrostyle line comes in an extensive choice of colors, patterns and sizes suitable for covering any type of worn or outdated tiles in the home. 
Quadrostyle is the creation of Gabrielle Morabia, a fashion designer with a proven track record of innovative styles. Her career in design has spanned two decades, tempting her from her home in Sydney, to Bali and now the South of France.
The flexible solution provides a cost-effective way to customize the home with styles ranging from Mexican, Moroccan and Turkish to geometric, black-and-white, and patchwork patterns. The adhesive tiles are decorated with hand-painted designs, created to look like real old tiles. 
Made from a vinyl film and coated with a durable laminate finish, the Quadrostyle products are water resistant and perfectly suited for the kitchen or bathroom floors. Ever popular were the replica cement tiles specially suited for floors.
They can be custom ordered to cover smooth walls, doors, stair risers, furniture and any number of other applications. Quadrostyle stickers are easily removed without damaging the surface, making them ideal for tenants or those who want to change the interior look frequently.
Here's a glimpse of the team Quadrostyle  in action at the Côté Sud Expo, Aix en Provence France June 3rd 2016
Quadrostyle was born out Gabrielle's studio in downtown Aix en Provence, which serves as the original inspiration for developing an affordable and creative way to remodel a dull and boring interior.
 A few minutes stroll from the historic heart of Aix en Provence, the Côté Sud expo was held within the leafy Jourdan Park. The outstanding team of stylists from Côté Sud set about a wonderland transformation, creating a utopia of interior decor delights & garden staging.
Photos courtesy of blogger extraordinaire Inaîlé
The pond lit up in the evening with luminous lotus & floating day beds.
Beautiful linen home wears from France, Italy & Morocco jostled with ultra chic sofa's, beds & lounge rooms. 
 Image courtesy Mustapha Blaoui
 Image courtesy Rosanna Spring
Image courtesy Quadrostyle
The Quadrostyle products are available online at quadrostyle.com. The web site features easy to navigate catalogues of colors and styles, a handy tile calculator to help guide designers for specific installations, and useful decorating tips to make each and every application of Quadrostyle stand out as unique.

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