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New Year : New Look | 5 Easy Projects to Transform your Abode

New Year : New Look | 5 Easy Projects to Transform your Abode

If you’re anything like us, the new year brings an abundance of new feelings, including the feeling of change. Perhaps it’s the excitement of a fresh start, or perhaps it’s the monotony of the dead of winter, but there’s always a desire for some sort of change this time of year. While we understand that desire for change, we also understand that you may not have the budget for renovation or be able to commit to a new colour scheme. That’s why we’ve put together 5 different ways you can change up your home this new year in a matter of a few hours - Get inspired and watch these video tutorials and DIY blogs from some our creative customers.

Update your old Linoleum floor with Quadrostyle Floor Stickers

Don't Rip Out Your Linoleum Floor

If you are loving the cement tile floor trend but you can't commit to the cost of ripping out your old bathroom floor you're going to love Quadrostyle floor stickers. Your linoleum floor is the perfect surface for these floor decals and with no expensive prep work you'll be admiring your new floor hours only after you started. It sounds too good to be true right?

Watch Abbymarie and her hubby Nathan transform their floor and their laundry backsplash via their homemade video posted to her Instagram story a few months ago. 

images courtesy of Abbymarieblog

 Cover your linoleum floor with Pet Friendly Floor Stickers from Quadrostyle

Give Your Fireplace a Facelift

One of the most popular DIY activities pinned on Pinterest and Instagram throughout 2018 was the fireplace make-over. Now is the time to rid yourself of a dark, dated fireplace facade and invigorate your lounge room with a vibrant pattern. There are two ways we suggest to update your fireplace place surround.
1. Cover up a smooth surround such as granite, marble or an enameled surface with panels of peel & stick wallpaper.
2. Cover each tile individually using a tile sticker of the same size.

Watch how it's done at home with Baiyina Hughley 


Here are some of our favorites from Christmas 2018

Moroccan tile stickers decorate a fireplace facade

photo courtesy of

Decorate your fireplace surround with tile stickers

photo courtesy of Emily South

Tile stickers decorate a fireplace facade

photo courtesy of Mindy Sue

photo courtesy of

Wallpaper Your Backsplash

You mightn't have the cash right now to renovate your kitchen but a great temporary way to brighten up the wall behind your sink and stove is a peel and stick wallpaper. While only a temporary solution tile stickers will give you years of wear with minimum care. Not only are they water resistant but they resist stains -cooking splashes wipe up with a damp sponge. They're safe to use behind your stove but just as useful behind a bathroom vanity, in your laundry or even in the shower. 

Watch how the team of designers on the Marilyn Show use Quadrostyle vinyl wallpaper  to transform an outdated kitchen 


Here are a few more great backsplash patterns you can try in your home.

Kitchen Splashback update with black & white star pattern wallpaper from Quadrostyle

photo courtesy of Bobette Carpenter


Hexagonal tile sticker wallpaper

photos courtesy of Quadrostyle

Step up to a new set of stairs

There's probably nothing much wrong with your stairs currently, but you can take this area of your home from ordinary to Ba Da Boom in a matter of an hour with a 6 pack of riser strips. If you can cover a textbook in contact paper then you can tackle this DIY idea at your place.

See how quickly Danielle covered her stairs with these pretty navy & white stair riser strips. You can learn how she did it by visiting her blog called 2littlesuperheroes

 photo courtesy of @thesalvagesign

Quadrostyle Stair Risers Strips in Stellino

Quadrostyle Peel and Stick stair riser strips

Quadrostyle Stellino Stair Makeover using peel & stick strips

Transform the Breakfast Bar

Be greeted each morning to a brand new kitchen island - whether yours is made from plywood or covered in a melamine finish peel & stick wallpaper can transform yours into an ultra chic center-piece. We're inspired by @abrydesign who used our Moroccan tribal pattern Harlow - you can order some for your place just below. 


So there you have it, 5 really simple ways to jazz up your decor this month. Best thing about these ideas is you don't need much time or creativity. Want more cool ideas on home improvement? Subscribe to our blog here 

Got some more ideas you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear from you.

Wishing you a inspired start the the new year,


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