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Decorating your small balcony | Make a big impact on a little budget

Decorating your small balcony | Make a big impact on a little budget

Have you been considering taking your balcony to the next level, creating an outdoor sanctuary where you can wind down after a long day? We often focus a lot of our attention on our indoor living spaces, understandably, but overlook that outdoor space by tossing some chairs and a table out there and continuing on with our day. 

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But what if you had the option to create a little oasis, a space where you could bring your creativity out into the fresh air without a ton of effort or cost, but with a great return on the overall quality of life at home? What if you could create a little magic on your balcony that actually inspires you and encourages you to be outside. With a few key decisions, you can infuse your terrace with peace, functionality, and style without spending a ton of money or expending too much effort. 

Choose your style.

First things first - You need to choose what vibe you’re going for with your balcony or terrace. Are you wanting minimalist lines, sparse furniture, maybe a solitary plant or piece of artwork? Or do you want to fill the space with plants, textures, patterns, and colors that transport you to a different place? The options are truly limitless, so narrowing down what makes you happy is the first step. When choosing your style, it’s important to consider the size of your space, your budget, and your needs. Do you plan to entertain a lot? Or maybe you want a quiet retreat where you can meditate, relax, and connect with yourself. Do you have children that will be in the space? All of these little decisions will influence what type of atmosphere you want to create in the space, as well as determining what functionality needs you have.

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Do you have an old IKEA table that isn’t bringing much life into your space? Cover it with gorgeous Quadrostyle tile stickers to energize the piece. Scroll below to see this great idea created by @dahlingdesigns in Noosa, Australia. Maybe add the patterns to old chairs or to your sealed concrete flooring. Flea markets, antique furniture stores, or estate sales are great ways to find unique furniture pieces to fit your vision. Your furniture is the first opportunity to let your personal style shine through, as well as a way to set the ambiance for the vibes you’re trying to achieve.

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And you thought our stickers were just for floors and walls 😏 Our tile stickers are so much more versatile than that!! Use them to spruce up any surface, from bookshelves to dressers, just like @dahlingdesigns did with our wallpaper in Syracuse Rose. What a change that little touch makes! ✨ . . . #homemakeover #designinspo #designcrush #eclecticdecor #mybohoabode #smallspaceliving #myhyggehome #interiorboom #originmagazine #designsponge #interiors4all #homedecorideas #pocketofmyhome #sodomino #interiorstyling #myhousebeautiful #myinterior #jungalowstyle #instliving #apartmenttherapy #myhouseandhome #interiordesign #homesofinstagram #modernrustic #interiors123 #interiorwarrior #interiorinspiration #tileaddiction #wallpaper #tilestickers

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It’s all about texture. 

Adding texture to a space can really bring it to life. Think of a coloring book, and how the images are just outlines, a blank slate in a way, the bare bones. When you add textures, you are filling out those bare-bone outlines with the in-between stuff that adds vibrancy, personality, and a finished feel. 

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You can add textures by incorporating big and small plants, the pots that they are in, their colors. You can also add texture through the fabrics and materials you use, through patterns, through the contrast between smooth tabletops and woven baskets, furniture, pillows, rugs, and blankets. Texture can give depth to your space and a sense of warmth and coziness. You know how an empty room echoes? That’s another reason to add layers and texture. 


Get creative. 

Designing and decorating is all about creativity and transforming a space into a sanctuary that feels like you, that feels like home. When you add accents to your balcony that brings you joy, your space will bring you joy whenever you spend time there. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and add pops of color or patterns that you might not have considered otherwise. Accents are a place to take risks. 

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You can add accents by incorporating a colorful pillow to a muted color palette. Adding one large potted plant in the room that is full of whites and grays. Adding a colorful or interesting backsplash to an outdoor kitchen, shelving unit, tabletop, chair back, or floor.


Using Quadrostyle tile stickers allows for even more creative freedom, even on the big projects like covering the entire floor, because they are temporary and can be removed without much fuss when you decide you want to change things up. Quadrostyle represents function, style, and convenience. Our vinyl stickers are water-resistant and can adhere to a variety of surfaces, making them a perfect combination for your outdoor space. With a few key decisions and a whole lot of fun, you can transform your patio into an oasis of your dreams - whether that is for entertaining or finding peace and relaxation.

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