Size Guides

Our stickers come in many forms, designed in mind for all the different areas in your home. Learn which one is right for your project.

Coverage per sq.ft or m²

Use our user-friendly size charts to help you calculate how much each product will cover. 

Tile Sticker Size Chart

Wallpaper Size Chart

Stair Riser Size Chart

Inches or Centimeters

Orders placed in the USA, Canada and the UK are created in inches. All other countries will be created in centimeters.


Our tiles stickers are available in 2 scales to ensure you get the best results. Unique to Quadrostyle, and a plus for designers, scale is an important factor when covering large tiles.

Covering up your old tiles?

Quarter Scale or Full Scale?

How to use our tile stickers

Covering up a smooth floor?

Floor Panels VS Tile Stickers

How to use our floor stickers

Product Specifications