The Quadrostyle Studio

When Gabrielle Morabia first discovered the old house that would be her home in Provence, France, she fell in love with the patchwork of cement tiles in the living room.

Do you wish you could make changes to your home without spending a fortune

Gabrielle fell in love with a 200-year-old townhouse with high ceilings, marble fireplaces and a tapestry of patterned floor tiles throughout. The kitchen, however, was less than lovely. A dark brown affair with fruit & flowers tiles, it had to be eliminated immediately. But how?

She toyed with the idea of ripping the tiles out and replacing them with some gorgeous Moroccan tiles, but the costs & mess didn't appeal to her husband. Painting was the next best option, but a solid color didn't appeal her love of pattern. It was then she realised she might be able to print an image of a tile onto a laminated decal. And so began Quadrostyle Vinyl Sticker Works. 

After a meeting with her graphic team in Bali, they set to work creating a printable version of real life tiles. Together they sourced the best vinyl materials, searched for a low tack adhesive & high commercial grade laminating to protect the surface from scratches. Once satisfied with their efforts the team shipped the stickers to the new house in France for testing.

Ten days later... bye bye fruity brown tiles, hello stunning kitchen splash backs! Naturally Gabrielle was thrilled with the results.

Who is Gabrielle Morabia?

Gabrielle Morabia is a fashion designer, interior decorator, mother and now also inventor of Quadrostyle vinyl sticker works. Her career in design has spanned two decades, tempting her from her home in Sydney, to Bali & the South of France. She continues to work out of her studio in Salon de Provence. When she is not travelling or working away at Quadrostyle to develop cool tile products, she spends her time on the endless renovation of the house that inspired it all.